Choosing the Right Light Fixture Is Part Style and Part Substance

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Choosing the right light fixtures for the various rooms in your home requires being cognisant of a combination of both style and function and should be decided on a room by room basis. Bright lights are important for busy areas such as the kitchen and living room; however, partnering these with decorative table lamps and wall sconces allows you to take the space from early evening living to a more calming, relaxing glow as the night winds down. Many online retailers are now offering LED lighting to reduce your use of energy while still brightening up a room – a healthy choice for the planet AND your bank account.

Choosing the right light fixture can be as simple as a few clicks of a button. Online showrooms have detailed pictures and manufacturer specifications to inform you of the best options for a particular room. Many also recommend other items that compliment your initial choice and help add another dimension to the room. Whether you are on your home computer relaxing after work or on your smartphone during a short break on a hectic day, choosing the right light fixture from an online store has never been faster, easier or more logical.
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Choosing the right light fixture for the various rooms of your home can be a fun, interesting challenge as well as a way to let your personality shine throughout your space. Choosing the right light fixture is about more than it just being pretty or bright, however, – it is about choosing illumination that will not only express your individual style, but also function practically to provide enough light for the activities of the room.
There are several factors to consider when choosing the right light fixture for a particular space:
  1. What type of room is it? If it is to be used as a sparse storage space or laundry room where you won’t be spending much time, then perhaps a more simple ceiling light may be all that’s necessary. If it is a more heavily-trafficked area such as the living room, an overhead chandelier may be necessary for more light, whereas wall sconces and accent table lamps could add a great deal of personality to the room.
  2. What type of décor will be placed in the room? A room with many photos and other wall decorations will probably be less likely to house wall lamps and may favour ceiling lighting and large standing lamps that can discretely hide behind chairs and end tables and better blend in with the room.
  3. How much natural light will the room receive? A room with only one window will want more light fixtures than one that has plenty of sunlight streaming in throughout the day.